A free Shuffle account was created with the lite Shuffle user in mind. A free account will allow you to create only 1 digital business card and enter only 10 contacts into the Shuffle contact list. You still have the same easy sharing options for your digital business card, but there is no Lead Capture available for your cards. You can subscribe to Channels, but you cannot create you own or have any other chatter. Shuffle Chatter is not available on your free digital business card.

Additionally, free users will be served ads throughout the use of the application.

Want to use the entire Shuffle feature set and be ad free? Upgrade to a paid subscription.

When you upgrade to a paid subscription, you can access the entire feature set Shuffle has to offer. Up to 10 business cards are available with your standard subscription, or you can choose to get up to 100 digital cards for a one time fee. Unlimited contacts, unlimited lead capture pages, Shuffle Chat, Discover, Connections, and so much more! 

How would I upgrade my subscription type?

It's easy! Log in to Shuffle from any internet browser (NOT THROUGH THE APP) and click Upgrade in the upper center of the screen, or navigate to Subscription Management under My Account. Select Shuffle (Pro Tip! With an Invite Code you can get 50% off your subscription! Head to Elify Insiders and ask the group for one, someone will share theirs!) and make sure your PayPal (or credit card) is set up. You will be auto-drafted the monthly subscription type for uninterrupted service.

How do I get a FREE Shuffle subscription?

Head over to ElifyShuffle.com and click Get Shuffle. From there you'll be able to select a FREE subscription type of a paid subscription. You can upgrade to the full feature set of Shuffle at any time! After you've signed up, make sure you download the Shuffle by Elify app from the App Store or Google Play.